Benefits of a Merry Heart #2

Last week we saw that laughter can indeed do us good, like medicine.  It can help tone the abdominal muscles and improve blood flow to the intestines.  See article here

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Laughter is an immune system boosting medicine.

Laughter can also improve the immune system.  Dr Lee Berk, of Loma Linda University School of Medicine, found that laughter:

  • Increases natural killer cells and T cells
    • These cells hunt down and destroy cells that are infected with germs or have become cancerous
  • Increases antibodies 
    • antibodies increases the likelihood that infections will be attacked and expelled from the body

Happy people are more resistant to colds, according to a study in which subjects were deliberately infected with a virus.

Even though there is no ‘super’ pill that will boost our immune system, the Bible does say that a merry heart will do us good like a medicine.  And laughing sure is a lot more fun than trying to get medicine down, and tastes better!

Next week find out how laughter reduces stress.

Benefits of a Merry Heart #1

2 thoughts on “Benefits of a Merry Heart #2

  1. As God says A good laugh is the best Medicine, if we would only follow His advice and overdose on laughter several times daily, this would make the world, a much healthier, happier,joyful world to live in.
    If you don’t believe be, try it!! You will be really be amazed how good you feel. Eileen W

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