How to Get More Hours in your Day


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Recently, I had been having trouble fitting everything into my day, and getting really stressed about it.  I was having to rush around during the day and then work into the night to get everything done.  I was getting exhausted, and really crabby.

Eventually I prayed about it (should have done that first, hey).  I felt to look up the second part of Galatians 6:7 “…..for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”  NKJV.  So if I needed more time, then I will need to sow more time with God.  First.  Before I get tangled up in the other things of the day.  I was giving God my scraps of time at the end of the day.

I must admit that I had trouble at first. Setting time aside to spend with God when there was so much to be done!  Didn’t make sense.  My toes were tapping, my teeth were clenching, and all I needed to do that day would crowd my brain.

But eventually, I began ot enjoy these times with Him.  He began to show me some wonderful things in His Word.  And even though straight away I didn’t seem to get more time in my day, I always got done all that needed to be done, and I was less stressed.

I started off just having my first drink of the day with Him (and no, not alcoholic!) and gradually built up my time from there.  Now I am finding that sometimes I have spare time in my days.  So now coming up into the busy Christmas season, I make my time with Him my number one priority – I can’t risk not too!  (I’ll keep you posted……..)






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