Hearing God’s Voice

If you are the same as me, I usually turn to God when making the big decisions. But what does He sound like?  Is that really You God?Listening ears

I have decided to ask God about my little decisions too.  That way I will get used to hearing His voice in the little things, and will recognise Him better in the big things.  Maybe even things that my life (or other’s lives) depend on.

If we ask Father for His wisdom and guidance in the little things, then it does not matter too much if we get it wrong!  I have heard of some people who practise by asking God what suit to wear that day.

I have also read about people who needed to get to a certain place, but didn’t know how to get there.  They asked Father to show them and they just ‘felt’ to turn left here, or turn right there.  And they ended up exactly where they needed to be.

Maybe this is what Scripture calls ‘walking in the Spirit’ ie being led by Him.

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