New year, new ideas

It was the new year.  I was on holidays, and I was feeling well, and relaxed.  A friend of mine made an innocent comment about a business idea that I had been already dabbling in.  Wow!  This was a great idea!  Let’s do this!  So I started researching what was involved.  I sourced the materials and equipment I would need from the internet.  I even wrote out a business plan and then looked up the government sites as to what was required of me legally – did I need to register a business name, product name, tax requirements etc.  I was pumped!

And then…. I read an article by Andy Sayers called  “2016: My Kingdom Come, My Courts Be Done!”  This is the opening paragraph of his article.

At the beginning of 2015 I set out ready to conquer the world through a deep passion that I’ve worked in for many years – called publishing. By February, bizarre disappointments piled up fast. By the time fall came, I was exhausted and ready to pull my hair out (what’s left of it).

He went on to say why:

  1. I was building an empire with my own strength.

    On my high horse but going nowhere fast. Photo Pixabay

  2. I wasn’t putting the Lord first in every aspect of my life.
  3. I had to be knocked off my high horse 

I felt a few ‘tuggings’ in me.  Hmmm…. had I even asked God if this is what He wanted to do?  I realised to my chagrin that I hadn’t.  What if I had taken off with this ‘building my own empire’ as he puts it, only to have it not succeed and ending up discouraged and burnt out?  I hadn’t even finished the last thing He had told me to do (writing).

So on to the back burner it had to go, and I had to ask Him to take away my desire for this Ishmael.  I am now back to writing, and intimacy (and work or course!)  And God may open the door again for this business idea to happen and I will know if that is the case when the desire comes back.  Stay tuned.

To read the full article by Andy Sayers:

2 thoughts on “New year, new ideas

  1. I’ve been guilty of this myself! I’m working hard these days to try and listen to God when I write on my blog. Sometimes it’s so hard to slow down, pray, and listen. I can relate to your dilemma. Thank you for sharing.

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