New Year’s Resolutions – do they work?

Apparently there is a day in the northern hemisphere (where it is now winter), called Blue Monday.  It is typically the 3rd Monday in January.  This is when Christmas and holidays are over, the weather is miserable, and the debt from Christmas has kicked in.  To top it off, our New Year’s resolutions – our decisions to be better in some way,  we have not been able to keep, no matter how hard we try.  resolutions

And that’s just it – we cannot keep our New Year’s resolutions, unless we have a will of steel.  We cannot ‘fix’ ourselves and improve ourselves in some way, just because we make a resolution.  If we do, we are doing it in our own strength and are destined to fail.

On the other hand though, if God puts His finger on something in our lives, then His grace, strength and anointing will be there to help us.  His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

I was constantly trying to improve myself, and I didn’t even need a New Year to do it!  More like an All Year resolution.  If God hadn’t told me to look at a certain area in my life, and I was trying to improve myself in some way or stop sinning in some area,  there was no anointing on it, and I failed every time.  Then comes the guilt and condemnation because I failed.

The key?  Let God tell usif there is an area He would like us to work on, let Him direct our paths, and He will be there to hold our hands and encourage us to get back up when we trip.

HE is the One who is perfecting and completing the good work He has begun in us – we just need to get ourselves and our self effort out of the way.  We just need to co-operate with Him and then He gets all the glory.  There’s a rest and an ease in that.

2 Corinthian 12:9; Psalm 37:23,2; Philippians 1:6;

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