Compost.  I can’t say I have had much success with it.  It never seems to turn out right. Until this time – it had broken down beautifully and looked just the way it was supposed to look, according to the expert on gardening, Mr Google.  So I spread it on my vegie garden.vegie-garden
You should see my vegies go!  Amazing how one can put scraps and rubbish in a bin, stir it occasionally, and it breaks down into something that is so good for plants.

As I pondered this, I felt that this is like our lives, well mine anyway.  We have all made mistakes and a mess [to a certain extent] of our lives. We may feel like we are a failure and a disappointment to God. We may even feel without hope.  But if we are able give him our failures, our scraps and rubbish, and allow Him to put them in His ‘compost bin’, then in time it will turn into something that will be ‘nourishing’ to those around us.  And the less we interfere, the better it will turn out. Truly He can make all things [that includes rubbish and junk] work together for good, for us and for those we rub shoulders with.



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