One of a kind. Photo Flickr

When we have our own children, by birth, we can’t really choose who or what we will end up with, unless of course we have some genetic engineering of some kind.  We cannot choose what sex they are, what colour eyes or hair they will have, whether they will be brainy or artistic, or whose nose they will have.  It’s a bit like a surprise package!

But God….. He chose us.  He knew what He was getting already, and He still chose us. He knows our end from our beginning, our faults, failures and our noses, but He CHOSE us.  He adopted us as His own beloved children with full knowledge of what He was getting up front.  And still He picked us out for Himself, in love.  Rather boggling, that is.  Should even make us feel rather special.

Check it out in Ephesians 1.  (and thanks to Joyce Meyer for giving me this idea)

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