He’s done it

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I have come to the realisation this morning that I am different, that I am changed.  When I was in my deepest darkest days, I would cry out to God and beg Him to do something, to fix whatever wrong with me, to lift off the awfulness I was feeling.  But I realised this morning that that is exactly what He has been doing.  It didn’t happen with a bang as I thought (or hoped!) it would, but a truth here, a revelation there (and not necessarily a big one), building me on a sure foundation, brick by brick.

I had been looking at all that needs to be still fixed in me, and despairing, instead of looking at what He has already done and how far I have come.  And for that Lord, I truly thank You, from the bottom of my changed heart.

The Lord your God will drive those nations out ahead of you little by little. You will not clear them away all at once, otherwise the wild animals would multiply too quickly for you.  Deuteronomy 7:22  NLT

A devotional

I recently ‘inherited’ some Bible devotional books from my mother-in-law who passed away last year.  Inside one of them was a scrap of paper where she had written down an

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

entry from another devotional that had touched her.  It touched me too, not only because she had written it, but because of the truth it contained.  (I don’t know what devotional it came from)

“Forgive us Lord for ever waiting to see the results of our praying before thanking You.  For instance (and she had written: the drought broken, the work came in).  The Lord won the victory on Calvary.  Thy victory is all inclusive.  The secret is to look up and praise Him.  Satan is a defeated foe.  Thank You Lord You didn’t do it by half measures on Calvary.  You were all victorious.  You said, “It is finished!”  Praise Your Holy Name.  Whether it was sickness or finances or whatever, it was all dealt with on Calvary.  Your words were, “It is finished!”

So we praise You Lord for all things are ours in Christ Jesus.  We struggle and strive to get our needs met instead of praising You for the finished work.  Trying to do it in our own strength instead of walking in the Spirit.  Forgive us Lord for being like the Israelites, doing it in our own strength instead of trusting in Your faithfulness. May 1″

Hoping it touches you too.


Compost.  I can’t say I have had much success with it.  It never seems to turn out right. Until this time – it had broken down beautifully and looked just the way it was supposed to look, according to the expert on gardening, Mr Google.  So I spread it on my vegie garden.vegie-garden
You should see my vegies go!  Amazing how one can put scraps and rubbish in a bin, stir it occasionally, and it breaks down into something that is so good for plants.

As I pondered this, I felt that this is like our lives, well mine anyway.  We have all made mistakes and a mess [to a certain extent] of our lives. We may feel like we are a failure and a disappointment to God. We may even feel without hope.  But if we are able give him our failures, our scraps and rubbish, and allow Him to put them in His ‘compost bin’, then in time it will turn into something that will be ‘nourishing’ to those around us.  And the less we interfere, the better it will turn out. Truly He can make all things [that includes rubbish and junk] work together for good, for us and for those we rub shoulders with.



To be or not to be

There is a lot of talk at the moment about abortion, both in Australia and the USA.

How do we know that the baby that is being aborted is not going to be Prime Minister of Australia, a person who finds a cure for cancer, the next Billy Graham?


I was going to be aborted myself, and it makes me wonder, if I was, would it change the course of history as it were?  I would not have married my husband, I would not have worked or gone to school where I did, and I wouldn’t have the friends and family around me that I do.  To them, I wouldn’t exist.

And what about my children and future grandchildren – would they cease to exist? Heaven forbid.

Just makes me wonder…..




Sin or relationship?

As Christians, Jesus has cleansed us from our sin, not because of His hatred for sin, but because HeRelationship wants us to have relationship with Him, here and now.  Sin just got in the way.  So He so very kindly removed it from us, at His own very painful expense on the Cross.

He wants us, and for us to be as Adam and Eve were originally with Him, walking with Him in the cool of the day, before sin came into the picture.  To be best friends.  BFF.

So the focus is not so much about the sin, (and neither should ours be) but on the fact that He has dealt with our sin once and for all so we can have relationship with Him.  What a wonderful God.  Blows my mind actually.

For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God……….   1 Peter 3:18  NKJV  (emphasis mine)



The Journey

Do you have a call on your life for something big?  Have you had words spoken over you or felt God tell you directly that He has a huge plan for your life?

I have, and straight away I started to get myself ready by researching the topic that I felt that RoadI was called to, bought books of people who are doing the same thing, and dreamed big plans.  I now realise that I was doomed to failure by doing these things.

Who was it that called me anyway?  Was it me or was it God?

So many times I can get caught up in the destination and forget about the journey with Him to get there.  So if I stay close to Him, learn to live in His presence day by day and be led by Him,  then He will get me where He needs me to be when He is ready, and I am too. I will be exactly where I need to be in 6 months, 1 year or even 6 years time.  There is learning in the journey, just walking and abiding with Him.  No pressure.

One thing

I was stewed up.  I didn’t know which way to go, what to do.  Going around in circles. Trying to reason it out.  The only sensible thing I did at the time was to journal with Father about it.

It took a while, but I heard His whisper about being troubled and anxious about many things.  Hmmm, where is that verse, Lord?  Google helped me out with that one.

38 Now while they were on their way, Jesus entered a village [called Bethany], and a woman named Martha

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Martha, Martha           Photo Flickr

welcomed Him into her home.39 She had a sister named Mary, who seated herself at the Lord’s feet and was continually listening to His teaching. 40 But Martha was very busy and distracted with all of her serving responsibilities; and she approached Him and said, “Lord, is it of no concern to You that my sister has left me to do the serving alone? Tell her to help me and do her part.” 41 But the Lord replied to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered and anxious about so many things; 42 but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part [that which is to her advantage], which will not be taken away from her.”  Luke 10  AMP

I was definitely being Martha-ish – being concerned about what I have to do, what people will think, what God will think etc etc.  But Jesus said only one thing is necessary, and that is sitting at His feet, and listening to Him.  One thing Lord, only one?  Really?  Sitting at Your feet?  Sounds wonderful, peaceful and stressless.

And so I became more Mary-ish.  I just sat at His feet, and ignored the yelling in my ear of all that needs to be done and all I should do.  I only need to do one thing – Jesus said so!  And it was wonderful, peaceful and stressless.  And I got my answer.

I will get it eventually – He seems to keep on telling me about intimacy.  One day it will sink in.  I will keep you posted – it will be a red letter day.  🙂


Bushes, sheep and donkeys


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God can speak in unusual ways.  He has spoken through the fleece of a sheep (Judges 6), through a burning bush (Exodus 6) and even a donkey (Numbers 22).  I would like to add to the list an unusual way that God spoke to me – a Stampin’ Up! catalogue.

It was just a normal everyday day.  Then something triggered a panic attack.  But before it could get a hold on me (praising God usually helps) my eyes fell on to the open Stampin’ Up! catalogue.  It was advertising a stamp set, and one of the stamps said:

You’ve Got Courage

You’ve Got Strength

You’ve Got ME

And that broke it, but I was still a bit wobbly.  So I sat down to browse through the catalogue to keep my mind  occupied.  Lo and behold, and few pages later, another stamp set:

Good things are going to happen

You’ve got this

I’m here for you

It blew me away to think that He would use something so insignificant to get to me.    Years ago, I had a friend whom God spoke to through the paper church bulletin – the number of the bulletin and the date on it!

If He needs to tell us something, He can make it happen.  He can use even the small things in our lives to tell us something monumental.




New year, new ideas

It was the new year.  I was on holidays, and I was feeling well, and relaxed.  A friend of mine made an innocent comment about a business idea that I had been already dabbling in.  Wow!  This was a great idea!  Let’s do this!  So I started researching what was involved.  I sourced the materials and equipment I would need from the internet.  I even wrote out a business plan and then looked up the government sites as to what was required of me legally – did I need to register a business name, product name, tax requirements etc.  I was pumped!

And then…. I read an article by Andy Sayers called  “2016: My Kingdom Come, My Courts Be Done!”  This is the opening paragraph of his article.

At the beginning of 2015 I set out ready to conquer the world through a deep passion that I’ve worked in for many years – called publishing. By February, bizarre disappointments piled up fast. By the time fall came, I was exhausted and ready to pull my hair out (what’s left of it).

He went on to say why:

  1. I was building an empire with my own strength.

    On my high horse but going nowhere fast. Photo Pixabay

  2. I wasn’t putting the Lord first in every aspect of my life.
  3. I had to be knocked off my high horse 

I felt a few ‘tuggings’ in me.  Hmmm…. had I even asked God if this is what He wanted to do?  I realised to my chagrin that I hadn’t.  What if I had taken off with this ‘building my own empire’ as he puts it, only to have it not succeed and ending up discouraged and burnt out?  I hadn’t even finished the last thing He had told me to do (writing).

So on to the back burner it had to go, and I had to ask Him to take away my desire for this Ishmael.  I am now back to writing, and intimacy (and work or course!)  And God may open the door again for this business idea to happen and I will know if that is the case when the desire comes back.  Stay tuned.

To read the full article by Andy Sayers:


Good morning, this is God!

Ever had one of those days?  One of those weeks or even months?  I did, only it seemed every day was one of those days.

photo by Rudolf Vlcek Flickr

photo by Rudolf Vlcek Flickr

I was journalling to Father about it recently and my eyes fell on a quote on a little plaque that I received from Joyce Meyer, years ago.

Good morning, this is God!

I will be handling all your problems today.

I will not need your help –

So, have a good day.

I love you!

I must admit I was a little taken aback by the extent of what that meant, even though I had read it for years.  What, You mean I can just let it all go and let You look after it?  Can I really do that?  I asked Him for a verse, please, just in case Joyce got it wrong.  He gave me two:-

……  casting all your cares [all your anxieties, all your worries, and all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares about you [with deepest affection, and watches over you very carefully].  I Peter 5:7  AMP

Cast your burden on the Lord [releasing the weight of it] and He will sustain you; He will never allow the [consistently] righteous to be moved (made to slip, fall, or fail).   Psalm 55:22 AMP

Casting can also mean ‘to drop’.  Hmmm, so I can just drop it at Your feet, and then just walk away?  Sounds almost too good to be true, but I did it anyway.  And you know what? I started feeling more peaceful, knowing that He’s got it.