Praying with our eyes

Just recently I have learned to pray with my eyes, and it has added an exciting new dimension to my prayer life.  To explain it simply –

When praying for others:

  1. Imagine the person in your mind.
  2. Ask Jesus what He wants to show you regarding that person.
  3. Pray what He is showing you.  (John 5:19)Eyes

You may see Him ‘zapping’ someone with His healing power, holding someone in His arms while they cry, or infusing someone with joy.  He may even give you a glimpse into their future or show you something He wants you to tell them.

Don’t stress if you don’t see something for everyone. This does not mean we are not to pray for them, only that He doesn’t want to show us anything for a particular person just yet.


From Dialogue with God by Mark & Patti Virkler