Bushes, sheep and donkeys


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God can speak in unusual ways.  He has spoken through the fleece of a sheep (Judges 6), through a burning bush (Exodus 6) and even a donkey (Numbers 22).  I would like to add to the list an unusual way that God spoke to me – a Stampin’ Up! catalogue.

It was just a normal everyday day.  Then something triggered a panic attack.  But before it could get a hold on me (praising God usually helps) my eyes fell on to the open Stampin’ Up! catalogue.  It was advertising a stamp set, and one of the stamps said:

You’ve Got Courage

You’ve Got Strength

You’ve Got ME

And that broke it, but I was still a bit wobbly.  So I sat down to browse through the catalogue to keep my mind  occupied.  Lo and behold, and few pages later, another stamp set:

Good things are going to happen

You’ve got this

I’m here for you

It blew me away to think that He would use something so insignificant to get to me.    Years ago, I had a friend whom God spoke to through the paper church bulletin – the number of the bulletin and the date on it!

If He needs to tell us something, He can make it happen.  He can use even the small things in our lives to tell us something monumental.




Hearing God’s Voice 2

I seemed to have had trouble most of my Christian life hearing God, until I came across a book almost 20 years ago about journaling called Dialogue with God by Mark Virkler.  For some reason, writing down my prayers and thoughts to God, and then writing down what I believed He was saying back to me, opened a door for me to tune in to what He wasJournal saying.  When God broke through what I perceived was His silence and actually spoke to me through journaling, I broke down and cried.  I still have that first journal page and am still deeply touched by what He said to me all the time ago.

I also found journaling particularly helpful after I had a breakdown a few years back.  When everything else around me was screaming and nothing made any sense, journaling helped me to quieten down and focus on Him.  There He would reassure and comfort me, and make me lie down in the green pastures.

The beauty of writing down what I felt He was saying to me was I could go back to read it later, and be blessed all over again.  Also, if I feel I am going up the garden path with my journaling, I can show it to a trusted Christian friend, and ask them to ‘censor’ what I feel I am hearing.

I must say God has shown me some absolutely amazing things that have helped me immensely in my walk with Him.  Hardly a day goes by that I do not journal.  I look forward to it.  And then I am blown away by what He shares from His heart to mine.

Do you think that this could be for you?  Next week I will blog a crash course on how to hear God through journaling.

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