The Journey

Do you have a call on your life for something big?  Have you had words spoken over you or felt God tell you directly that He has a huge plan for your life?

I have, and straight away I started to get myself ready by researching the topic that I felt that RoadI was called to, bought books of people who are doing the same thing, and dreamed big plans.  I now realise that I was doomed to failure by doing these things.

Who was it that called me anyway?  Was it me or was it God?

So many times I can get caught up in the destination and forget about the journey with Him to get there.  So if I stay close to Him, learn to live in His presence day by day and be led by Him,  then He will get me where He needs me to be when He is ready, and I am too. I will be exactly where I need to be in 6 months, 1 year or even 6 years time.  There is learning in the journey, just walking and abiding with Him.  No pressure.