Benefits of a Merry Heart #1

A merry heart does good, like medicine   Proverbs 17:22

This is the first post in a mini-series on how a merry heart does good like a medicine.


Does laughter really make us feel better? Photo

Even the Readers Digest has a section dedicated to Laughter, the Best Medicine. So is it really laughter that does us good, or something else?

Merry – from the Hebrew word  simchah which means:

  • blithesomeness (a very big word which simply means lighthearted, merry, cheerful)
  • glee (great merriment or delight)
  • gladness, joy, pleasure, rejoicing
  • mirth (amusement, especially as expressed in laughter)

Well, we can see from the original text that laughter does indeed do us good, like a medicine.

Just to get you started, a belly laugh acts on the abdominal muscles, giving them a workout.  Have you heard the saying, “laughed until my tummy hurts?”  But before you give up the gym, it’s probably not enough to give you flat abs!

A good laugh can also massage your internal organs, improving blood supply to the intestines, causing healthier bowels.  (Please tell me if that one works for you!)

Next week we will look at how laughter improves the immune system.

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