A devotional

I recently ‘inherited’ some Bible devotional books from my mother-in-law who passed away last year.  Inside one of them was a scrap of paper where she had written down an

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

entry from another devotional that had touched her.  It touched me too, not only because she had written it, but because of the truth it contained.  (I don’t know what devotional it came from)

“Forgive us Lord for ever waiting to see the results of our praying before thanking You.  For instance (and she had written: the drought broken, the work came in).  The Lord won the victory on Calvary.  Thy victory is all inclusive.  The secret is to look up and praise Him.  Satan is a defeated foe.  Thank You Lord You didn’t do it by half measures on Calvary.  You were all victorious.  You said, “It is finished!”  Praise Your Holy Name.  Whether it was sickness or finances or whatever, it was all dealt with on Calvary.  Your words were, “It is finished!”

So we praise You Lord for all things are ours in Christ Jesus.  We struggle and strive to get our needs met instead of praising You for the finished work.  Trying to do it in our own strength instead of walking in the Spirit.  Forgive us Lord for being like the Israelites, doing it in our own strength instead of trusting in Your faithfulness. May 1″

Hoping it touches you too.